Haggar Cigarette& Tobacco Factory(HCTF).
Bank of Khartom.
Central Equatoria State.
Eastern Equatoria State.
Jonglei State.
Lakes State.
Northern Bahr-elghazal State.
Upper Nie State.
Unity State.
Warrap State.
Western B.G State.
Western Equatoria State.
Government of Southern Sudan(GoSS).
Bank of Southern Sudan(BoSS).
Small share holders.

Board of Directors
Occupation Name SIN 0
Minister Mr.Gabriel Changson Chang (1)
Businessman Mr. Anis George Haggar (2)
Minister Mr. Philip Yona Jambi (3)
Minister Mr. Albino Akol Akol (4)
Minister Mr.Gabriel Changson Chang (5)
President of BOSS Mr. Elijah Malok Aleng (6)
Minister Mr. Angelo Dayu Agor (7)
Minister Mr. Stephen Dhieu (8)
Ambassador Mr. Andrew Makur Thon (9)
Banker Mr. Stephen Dhieu (10)

Senior Management Personnel
1 Mr. Ernest Woderif Marbaga General Manager
2 Mr. Bagat Minyang Chan Deputy General Manager
3 Mrs. Philister Baya Lawiri Manager for Administration
4 Mr. Bullen K. Brown Manager for Human Resources
5 Mrs. Bruna Siricio Iro Manager for Investment
6 Mr. Lueth Acuil Marial Manager for Finance & Accounts
7 Mr.Omer Osman Omer I.T.Manager
8 Yousif Mohamed Ali Fahal Audit and Inspection